Roles of the Processes

Eventually this will describe Dr. John Beebe's complex, cutting-edge model, which I've made passing references to elsewhere on this site.  A detailed explanation may be found on my other website -- but it only describes INFJ roles.  The INFP roles must be substituted at the appropriate places (Fi for "heroic" and Ne for "Good Parent," and so forth).  Intelligent people will readily figure this out.

A visual representation is below to pique your interest:




A generalized sketch of Dr. Beebe's  model may be read in this interview (scroll down the page a ways to find it).  And an excerpt from the Australian APT bulletin of Psychological Type is posted on my other website with permissions in PDF format.  It is probably about the best material currently available on the topic that comes from the horse's mouth.

A new book is available that contains two-page type portraits that describe the personality through the lens of this eight-function model.  All eight roles of the hierarchy are described (including the Shadow processes!).

Understanding Yourself and Others:
An Introduction to the Personality Type Code

by Dr. Linda Berens & Dr. Dario Nardi

This is currently the only book containing type descriptions that describe all eight functions within the individual personality.  Grab it now!