Hey there!  Welcome to my site.  I hope you find something useful here.

This site is mostly a collection of my rambling thoughts -- it may look organized, but that's an illusion.  It probably should have been a blog, but I started it before blogs became popular.  I'm tacking on a blog so people can post comments, but it's an afterthought to the original site.  Several of my blog entries feature visitor comments that add additional richness, and I'm grateful for contributions.  (You do not have to join anything in order to comment.  Just click "other" and give yourself a name.)

Several pages on this site are incomplete, and I add new ideas as the spirit moves me.  I've also put red flags alongside the titles of pages that are flagged for updates when I get around to it.  The site is evolving along with me and along with the current understanding of type as a whole in the type community.  So bear with me, and remember -- it cost you nothing to visit.  However, should you find value in this site, and you'd like to make a token contribution to help offset the cost of hosting it, consider making a small donation.  I would be very grateful for your contribution, and it makes it worth my while to spend effort on it.

There's quite a bit to read -- 100 pages or so -- you won't be able to blast through it in 8.7 seconds or whatever the going speed is for plowing through websites.  There's a Highlights Tour if you're short on time.  But I suggest you bookmark it for a return visit when you have more time to read and consider, and not just confirm pre-existing bias (now there's a waste!).

Some things to mention.  One of the reasons I created this site was because many type experts I consulted simply could NOT give me easy ways to readily characterize the differences between INFJs and INFPs -- and yet this was clearly a burning question for many people.  So it was obvious to me there was a knowledge gap around this question.

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I also must mention that I have INFJ preferences.  I don't pretend that I have universal preferences, that I "know" how INFPs tick, or that I'm type omniscient.  I have INFJ preferences, and I see the world through INFJ eyes.  That's my perspective, and I'm pretty straightforward about my limitations.

I'm not here to make INFJs "right" and INFPs "wrong," however.  My intent is to try and capture ways to distinguish between these two patterns.  It is not my aim to "prove" one is better than the other.

If you feel an urge to drop me an email and "expose" my bias toward INFJ, let me forestall you right now:  I am completely biased toward INFJ!  And I believe it would be inauthentic to pretend otherwise.  Who would I be fooling?  So if that element makes it too offensive to read my site, you're perfectly welcome to skip it and not waste your valuable time here.  (I'm not interested in getting grief about who I am.)

Here's a quote by Rumi:

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I'll meet you there.

This seems to capture the ideal attitude I'd like everybody here to aspire to (me included).  Sometimes I consciously make other types look "wrong" -- and I'm doing it to highlight differences for the sake of education.  Other times I'm just being me, can't help myself.  I confess my innately flawed humanity.  It's part of the package of being Vicky Jo.  Maybe sometimes I've got a blind spot and need a little education to become aware of it.  When you see one of those, I'm interested in hearing about it.  Please draw it to my attention. Those are the ones that do unintended harm.

If you want me to keep you apprised of significant updates, please add your name to a list on the very last page of the site.  If you are interested in having me do professional work with you, please visit my site at www.TypeInsights.com.  I'm a professional life coach, and I leverage the framework of type around the coaching I do. Remember, there are 16 types to choose from -- not just these two!  I have many satisfied clients who found their best-fit type pattern by working with me and learning these models in depth, and they are now using that knowledge to make their lives more rewarding and satisfying.  I invite you to contact me to see whether you too would benefit from my supporting you.  

If you are unsure of your type pattern, my Type Insights process is a *surefire* way of getting to best-fit type (it has not failed me yet).  Many people need help figuring out their pattern.  As Jung said, "One is always in the dark about one's own personality.  One needs others to get to know oneself."  Our ego can do an amazing job of deluding us about who we are, and it's natural to need help and support identifying our true personality.  My structured method explores 21 dimensions of type, and invites you to select your best fit based on that information.  Not only will I help you identify your innate pattern, I partner with you to create a life that honors and unfolds it. So you also have my support for realizing who you are in the world -- far beyond what can be accomplished through just spending time on an online website.  It's invigorating to have a conversation with someone about this topic, and really dig into those dimensions that make you "you."

But you're here now, and no doubt want to get underway.

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