The Eight Cognitive Processes Described

Extraverted Sensing - (Se) - EXPERIENCING
Experiencing and acting on the physical world, scanning for visible reactions and relevant data.

  • What is really happening?
  • What are the facts of the situation?
  • What can I do with this now?

Introverted Sensing - (Si) - RECALLING
Recalling past experiences, clarifying information, remembering detailed data and what it is linked to.

  • What have I already learned that I can build on?
  • What resources and materials are available?
  • What practical use does this have?

Extraverted iNtuiting - (Ne) - INFERRING
Inferring relationships, noticing threads of meaning, and scanning for what could be.

  • What inferences can I make?
  • What meanings am I perceiving?
  • What hypotheses can I generate?

Introverted iNtuiting - (Ni) - FORESEEING
Foreseeing implications, conceptualizing, and having images of the future or profound meaning.

  • What are the implications for the future?
  • What are the concepts?
  • What is the greater purpose?

Extraverted Thinking - (Te) - ORGANIZING
Organizing, segmenting, sorting, and applying logic and criteria

  • How can I structure and organize my learning?
  • What is the sequence and arrangement of what I am learning?
  • What is the logic behind what I am learning?

Introverted Thinking - (Ti) - ANALYZING
Analyzing, categorizing, and figuring out how something works

  • What principles do I need to learn?
  • What models can I fit the learning into?
  • What techniques or approaches can I apply?

Extraverted Feeling - (Fe) - CONSIDERING OTHERS
Considering others and responding to them

  • Who can I connect with, or relate to in order to learn better?
  • Who can I help with this learning?
  • How can I use this to improve my relationships?

Introverted Feeling - (Fi) - EVALUATING IMPORTANCE
Evaluating importance and maintaining congruence

  • What is really important here?
  • What is of value to me, and what do I want out of this?
  • Who is good to learn from?